Ms. Harris’s Art Class Assignments

Hello students! You will find some information below to help you finish up your Printmaking unit. This info has also been posted to your Google Classroom.

Good Prints are Due on Wednesday, April 17.  If block printing you must hand in an Edition of 3 identical prints. If doing intaglio printing, hand in one good print. (All prints must be labelled properly in light pencil.) I suggest you very lightly pencil in your name on the back of each print in case your signature is hard to read!

Grade 10 & 11 students all will do a Research Project on 10 famous Printmakers. This is Due Friday, April 19.  CLICK HERE to view the assignment

Grade 11 students have an extra reading. CLICK HERE to view the article. There are no questions along with this but it is to increase your body of knowledge with a thought to future tests or the final exam.

Since I’m helping Ms. Harris with these projects, feel free to email Ms. Hone if you have questions at


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